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Central Europe/EU/Slovakia: Matriarchy???

June 8, 2015

I am from Slovakia and my opinion is that I am living in matriarchal society (if I am comparing Slovakia with other countries, mostly with Asian countries). And TRP is working in Slovakia. Also my country is the best example of "All Women Are Like That"!!!! Many girls are feminist here.

And why I am thinking that Slovakia is like "matriarchal society"? Because you can meet a girl and she is not AWALT, she is something like a "hyper matriarchal women" and those girls dont care about your social status (or how big sallary, how many cars, houses you have). Those matriarchal girls (very often very beautifull), if they have enough resources by herself, they are not AWALT in so strictly way - if any. They are in relationship with alphas or betas which dont have much resources anyway. They choose males for good sex and relationship and future family. But if they dont have resources they are AWALT anyway. :-) So, meet this kind of women is rare because not every women can have so successfull career and best job...

  • Do you thing that "hyper matriarchal women" is just HyperAWALT? >>> Or it can be another (new) type of women?
  • How it is with matriarchy in your country? I see really many families in Slovakia where mother heads the family; and not father. The same in non-married relationships. I mean not every relationships is like that, but just so much higher percentage as what I see in other countries.... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matriarchy

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