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Local Skirt Index

February 7, 2017

Male to female ratios are an insufficient measure if we want to seek out and reward feminine behavior and in doing so save our global culture from the misery of agendered asexuality. I think we can all agree that we want a feminine woman or girl and not a man with a vagina.

The easiest way to guess at femininity from a distance is attire. A girl that seeks out and wears girly clothes is a girly girl for sure. As such, I propose a new way to measure a city's masculine livability:

The Local Skirt Index

The method is simple. For the next hundred females (all ages, this is a measure of femininity and not attractiveness) that you see, make a note if they're wearing classic feminine attire or just adapted male workwear. When you reach 100, tally them up and that's your city's LSI. I'm in Chicago, and my LSI is 13% feminine.

For a city you're considering moving to, you can do the same thing (maybe increase sample size) from pictures of street crowds.

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[–]meh6130 points1 point  (2 children) | Copy Link

Is the woman who wears pants outside the home, but dresses feminine for her man more or less feminine than one who doesn't? I'd argue she's more.

[–]popmachineantidream points points [recovered] | Copy Link

Less. Straight up. She's okay with being masculine sometimes. If she's only dressing feminine for her man that means femininity is on the surface and not at her core.

[–]meh6130 points1 point  (0 children) | Copy Link

Hmm... I see things differently, but... different strokes for different folks is the mantra.

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