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Location, race, and game in North America. Should some regions/places be avoided by guys if they happen to be a particular race?

January 12, 2015

I have noticed that based on race alone, some guys can have dramatically good results in one area but do poorly in others. A main example I have noticed is that some cities like Toronto and San Francisco are awful for Asian and Indian men regardless of what their SMV is. Women of their races have a strict preference for white guys and despite the liberal reputation of those places, white women there are not quite as open to dating interracial (if they are it is only with black guys). Some of the black guys I talk to have said that they find it very easy to get high quality girls in places like Minneapolis and Milwauke where a lot of the girls are only raised around whites but happen to have a major curiosity for black men.

California seems to be heaven for black guys who want to go interracial but hell for asian and indian men.

What I am asking is this, should some regions of the USA be avoided by guys of certain races regardless of what their SMV might be? I seem to get the impression that Toronto and San Francisco are practically hell for Asian and Indian men because on one hand, white women there would rather go lesbian than date one and on the other hand women of their own race tend to go interracial at higher rates in those areas.

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Title Location, race, and game in North America. Should some regions/places be avoided by guys if they happen to be a particular race?
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The local-born white girls in SF Bay Area don't care about race (many Indian and Asian girls do though, preferring white guys). But a lot of the girls in SF are transplants, so they bring their preferences with them. I imagine that most white girls from outside California have a preference for whites, but that there is a substantial minority of white girls who are interested in more exotic guys. It would stand to reason that in highly white places (the Midwest reportedly being an example - can't say from personal experience) there are so few asian and indian men that they do well in such markets. In contrast, the Bay Area market would be saturated by asian and indian men without enough exotic-chasers to go around.

[–]Thelaterbloomerstory[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children) | Copy Link

It is not about having a preference for white men, it is normal for almost all girls (except for asian american ones) to prefer their own race. The issue is more with exclusion. I have no issues with a white girl saying she won't date most asian or indian men (lets be honest, most women regardless of race won't), but when she is turning down the few quality asian and indian guys that might be interested in her for just race alone, then that is problematic for asian and indian men because there is nothing they can do to change that.

I also have no problems with white women excluding asian and indian men no matter what their SMV might be but it would be helpful for asian and indian men of a reasonable SMV to pick an area where they can enjoy the benefits of their SMV.

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