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[Midwest][Fort Wayne][Indiana][United States]

January 9, 2015

Been gaming and spinning plates here for the past two years. Here's the objective data.

Population: ~250,000 in the city, ~355,000 in the county which is about a 20 mile radius.

51.3% female, odds slightly in favor.

26.1% of the population has a bachelor's degree or better, third highest in the state.

Age of consent: 16. A man can have sex with a 16 year old girl no matter his age, as long as she isn't under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time.

  • Sexual market advantages:

Diversity. In a 20 mile radius, you can find at least a seven of every different culture.

On a side note, if you like fucking Burmese chicks, this city has the highest Burmese population per capita in the US for some reason.

Low cost of living. I live in the center of the city, surrounded by bars and clubs, and my bills are less than 600 a month, not including gas or food. This makes for good logistics, at least seven bars are within a 10 minute walk.

  • Sexual market disadvantages:

Flight. As soon as a 9 or 10 turns 18 here, they leave for greener pastures to ride the CC, usually Indianapolis, sometimes Chicago, and if they're really hot they go to the standard places, Miami, New York and LA. This is a problem in the Midwest, if a top-tier female can manage to avoid getting pregnant before 18, they leave. This means that it can be tough finding plates that you're highly attracted to, and if you find one there's a very good chance she's a single mother. One way to circumvent this is to befriend younger guys in high school and have them introduce you to their high school girlfriends. Gaming girls in high school is easy, but you have to be ready for the social backlash so be careful.

Feminists/SJW's. In the heart of the city where I do most of my hunting, you'll find a large hipster/art culture with SJW leanings. Most of us consider this a bad thing, but I've always found it easy to lay women of this demographic, it seems like the more they complain about men being dicks, the easier they fall for someone who has a strong frame and strong eye contact. Remember, feminism is just a big shit test, especially here.

  • Approach tactics

Standard approach works well. Standard approach to me means walking up to a group and introducing yourself, very basic. Mystery's old approach style of game works great. (Approach in three seconds, body language facing away, run opener, drop time constraint, etc.) This is not a market with heavy competition or women who are high value, lots of 7's and 8's, adjust your game accordingly. They don't need to be challenged immediately like 9's and 10's do, as long as you're in decent shape, you hold eye contact and you're sexually aggressive, you're in the top 20% of men.

To sum it all up, living here and gaming is low risk, low reward. If you want super-hot plates, go to a larger city. Not a bad place if you're looking to find an LTR and raise kids.

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I was in Ft Wayne for about a month. Can confirm it is an easy place to find average-looking women. As for the better-looking women coming to Indianapolis... they often go to Bloomington (Indiana University) first.

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