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[Midwest][Kansas City][Missouri/Kansas]

January 11, 2015

The three main spots I'd expect the majority of any discussion to revolve around:

  • Westport

  • The Plaza

  • Power and Light

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This datasheet is pretty golden, although a little dated.

I'm stuck in OP until my lease is up in June, so I haven't been to most of the smaller bars downtown. The only bar I've found to be worth going to in JoCo is Kanza Hall/One Block South. It's $5 to get in but the two main bars, Fuel and Kanza, are not bad. Show up around 10 or it'll be empty. Fuel usually has a DJ and occasionally there's some dancing late at night. Kanza is country music with a lot of line dancing and two stepping. Occasionally they'll play some grinding songs late at night. If country is your thing and you can dance, you should be able to clean up at Kanza.

My go-to date is meeting for drinks at Barley's on 119th, then moving next door to Talk of the Town.

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