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[Montreal, Canada] Liberated French Putes

April 19, 2016

All right so it's pretty common knowledge that french-canadian girls are really wild and out there. Good for us, bad for the people who want relationships.

I really don't see much feminism here but it's still very much present.

I think what separates Montreal from the rest of Canada and the US is obviously the french culture.

Here it is normal for girls to start smoking cigarettes, get tattoos and smoke marijuana and drink at about the age of 15-16. The parents are mostly horrible cigarette smokers who drink beer and collect welfare.

It is no surprise that girls have sex 2 years earlier than their American counterparts.

I don't mean to stereotype hahaha but we definitely definitely have better quality women than Toronto hahaha

Here Roosh talks about his lackluster experience in Montreal but definitely notes the drop in quality female when compared to Toronno.

Montreal has been proclaimed the 'sin city' of Canada for many years, attracting American tourists for the strip clubs in the middle of downtown where you can touch.

But apparently Montreal isn't even one of the most promiscuous cities in Canada. It is probably an appearance of such because of the openness of sexuality in young girls.

Toronto, ON: 79 per cent

Victoria, BC: 76 per cent

Gatineau, QC: 73 per cent

Surrey, BC: 70 per cent

Edmonton, AB: 71 per cent

Ottawa, ON: 69 per cent

London, ON: 65 per cent

Montreal, QC: 64 per cent

Vancouver, BC: 63 per cent

Quebec City, QC: 62 per cent

So where does this leave us? Well applying RP knowledge is so easy here if you're not dealing with girls who read Reddit.

Almost any girl that reads Reddit has some knowledge of how PUA work, and will catch on to this, requiring a little more authenticity on our part. Especially when arguing with "alternative" girls about double-standards regarding sexual promiscuity.

Here girls know their arguments and if you come up with any facts or knowledge regarding men's rights or anti-feminism then you are outed as a male chauvinist. It is better (in my experience) to act ignorant of all these facts and knowledge that will put a feminist in her place. It is best to simply ask questions acting out of ignorance but with an agenda in mind.

So as long as you're dealing with blonde west-island girls or Italian clubsluts RP game is definitely gonna work, but if you head to Madhatters or Foufs then you are probably in for a bad time because these girls know their shit. Trust me I've tried, these alternative girls with the tattoos and purple hair are kind of sexy in a way, but they are complicated because THEY WILL catch on to RP game methods, somehow. Don't ask me how they know.

Anyways, prostitution here is so rampant it's almost legal. There is a lot of crime in this city, everywhere from political corruption to drugs on the street but that's what makes Montreal such a beautiful chaos. The contrast of the mollyheads at Stereo with the beggar asking for crack money. The old architecture coupled with the modern Asianly owned new "sold out" condos. The old Grey Nuns Monastery occupied by horny Concordia tinderhoes.

It's great here, plus there are all kinds of different races. White, Latina, Asian, Arab, Black, Magenta and the mixes. Wow the mixes here are crazy, Blasian, Blatina, Lasian, I could go on forever.

Downtown, there are so many chicks that they understand that they aren't the hottest, so they are nicer in that aspect unlike Vancouver.

Fashion here is big, pretty gay if you ask me seeing guys walking around like their on the cover of GQ or someshit but girls definitely want a guy who is somewhat put together because they do put a lot of effort here in Montreal these chicks.

Also, their slutty french putes, gotta love them I don't know what else to add.

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The American dollar is also pretty strong in Canada now. It's fairly affordable to find a place to stay.

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Yes Americans will love it here that's for sure

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