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North Bay & Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

January 11, 2015

Sudbury: Mostly low-class city of ~250k. Cold approach at clubs is easy if you're a 6+, but to be honest most girls here are easy and seem to be used to low quality men. If you want a sure thing, use social proof and dress up. The girls here like to think they're 'classy' so looking the part will allow her to rationalize being a slut that night. Note: I am talking about the 19-30 crowd. ****ALSO: Wear a condom, [chlamydia is bad here.] (http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/sudbury/sudbury-health-unit-targets-rising-chlamydia-infections-1.1330574)

North Bay: Small college/university town of ~55,000. A few hours away from Sudbury. The town's economy is almost entirely based around students, which is awesome. Girls come to school here from all over Ontario and Quebec. The college and university are attached into one giant campus, and at the university I went to (Nippissing U) the girl-to-guy ratio was 7:1 back in 2013.

I love this town. It's small, condensed, full of young people and has so many sexy 8-9 university girls. From my experience the girls here are easy - especially if you're partying at residence or downtown at the clubs/bars (which are all on the same street, 30 second walk from one to another.) I lived here from 2011-2013 (I was 18-20) - this was pre-TRP and I was very BP but still managed to get a typical college experience.

Tips: Residence is full of thirsty 'it's college lets get wild!' girls. Don't miss the events at The Wall (bar attached to the college and university) - they're tons of fun. Don't park & spark near the airport - they will send the military to scare you off. Wear a condom, A LOT of girls get preggo here in October after school starts.

Having lived in Ontario my entire life, I would say North Bay is the next best thing to living in Ottawa or Montreal. If you're nearby and looking for somewhere to go to school, this is the place.

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7 to 1? 8's and 9's galore?

Fuck Thailand. North Bay may be cold now but when summer comes... giggity.

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