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August 17, 2018

DISCLAIMER: None of this will apply if you are foreigner. Especially if you are a white European-looking foreigner. I just want to give you guys an actual representation of Costa Rica’s sexual marketplace and see if any other Redpillers from deeply religious countries report the same thing.

TL; DR: Costa Rica is one of the most gynocentric countries in the world. Most women (even ugly women) expect and are treated as “Queens” and “Princesses” their entire life by Bluepilled Beta-Bucks husbands and boyfriends. Everyone is always in a LTR and most women will cheat/branch swing so there’s rarely a good looking women out there that is single.

First things first. Costa Rica has a lot of beautiful women - but it really depends on what you like. Local women here are rather chubby by nature (Ticas fatter than most countries and the ones that are not are heavily pursued.

Now, you may like semi-chubby latina women (a lot of gringos do) but if you are not into it, you are for a rough time here.

Here is the main problem with being Redpilled in a country like Costa Rica: No one else is. The culture is absolutely gynocentric. Boys are taught to treat women like “Reinas” and “Princesas”. Unless you are from a low socio-economic environment where “machismo” still reigns, women here demand to be wooed their entire life (even after marriage).

It’s normal for ugly women to have decent looking and faithful husbands. It is normal for fat and very fat girls to have boyfriends. Girls that otherwise would be a 5 are treated as 8’s by dozens of orbiters. It is customary for good looking /fit girls to have their pick of the litter anytime they want to exit a relationship so they are never single.

That brings to the second problem: NO ONE IS EVER SINGLE! This is a small town right? Most people here get married before 30 and pop up kids before 35. It is normal for couples to be together since high-school or throughout college before getting married. By 25 your all your male and female friends are living couple-life and party is mostly over.

There’s NO HOOK UP CULTURE here. Yes, Tinder has helped and I am still successfully spinning plates here and there but it’s really hard.

That links to the third problem: Because of insecurity and criminal activity girls don’t trust strangers. They’ll NEVER give you their number. They’ll rarely accept a cold approach and if they do their friends (both, cock blocking male friends and their female friends) will come to “rescue her”. I can count with my fingers the one or two times I’ve successfully cold approached a tica, while I’ve lost count how many success approaches I’ve done in Europe/America or with tourists here.

The way ticos date and hook up is by being im the same environment for a long while - for example work, school, church -. Most people will get married with a co-worker or former classmate. Sometimes being friend of a friend would do... but those occasions are rare.

Now I know a lot of you think SouthAmerica is easy. The “good old times” are still alive here. Well I can assure is the other way around. Women here are so entitled you wouldn’t believe it.

Anyway - that’s for me. Hope this gives a good vision on what it is to be redpilled here.


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