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Sydney, Australia

January 31, 2015

Welcome to Sydney, Australia, stow your tray tables and prepare to enter a world where the Red Pill must be truly hidden from sight! We are kind of like a mix between Toronto and Sweden so you know we are going to be A+ to find the girls of your dreams (as long as your realise they can't cook!). Also as pioneers of free speech we cancelled a PUA visa :/ ().

Articles on the Sydney dating scene:

Why Sydney Sucks for Men - http://www.returnofkings.com/22732/9-reasons-why-sydney-sucks-for-men

I guess the main issues is that there is a pretty bluepill mentality and female entitlement is big here and follows the 80/20 rule (until they need the betabux). As can be seen here


  • Pro - Surf, Beaches, Tourist Stuff (Harbour Bridge, Opera House, Darling Harbour, etc), Very Safe in the day (your chance of getting kidnapped is practically zero).

  • Cons - EXPENSIVE, ENTITLED Women, Blue Pill Aggression! (especially late at night due to the high level of Alcohol consumption), Rent prices are per -week- and insane. Can be cold during winter (lots of grey sky - come in Summer!).

Types of Women:

  • International Girls - These are girls who have come, usually for education and they are usually Asian Or are backpacking (then from Europe/UK). Usually DTF and want to experience all that Australia offers (inc. it's cocks). Be good looking and fun is the game here. Take them to beach, etc. Great if you can give them surf lessons. Meet these girls around backpackers, etc.

  • Asian Local Girls - More feminine than than their Aussie counterpart. Also usually have some skills like cooking, etc. Usually high level of education. They also tend to dress some what frumpy which is a bit of a turn-off. Usually more LTR material. Raise your SMV and get her to do kinky shit. Will want you to meet their friends, parents, etc but are scared to lose you, so shit test are lighter. For LTR expect you to earn bank (as they do).

  • Local Aussie Girls - Zero family skills (can't cook - unless they have taken it up as a hobby), trying to find beta bux by the time they are 30. Usually high level of aggression in getting what they want (whether its fucking that Alpha or fucking over that girl who looked at her wrong). Drinking is big and can meet them at the local pub or at a mates backyard BBQ. ENTITLEMENT IS HUGE!!!!! But they fuck up big time and only can get BetaBux. They are flaky and a pain in the ass to deal with. Big shit tests, as they are all 'independent womon'. And these days can earn Bank, so being a 'rich' guy won't help you out a huge amount (unless you really are rich). Also dumber than a box of rocks, just focus on fun, alcohol and no big words with these girls (don't tell them your a biochemist - tell them you are a mad scientist).

  • Surf/Gym Girls - Usually hang with either surfers or gym guys. Then they realise they are not rich and so stop going out with Mr 6 pack abs and start going out with accountant. Beach girls tend to have blonde hair and usually pretty snobby (and usually a bit thick too). Also can be racist.

  • Rich Aussie Girls - Very quickly these girls realise their value and are setup early in life to bang 9-10s. Only date within their social circle, occasionally DTF exotics (i.e. gym guys (abs), or black guys) but usually will hide it from their social circle. This group is probably a lot more careful as a girls value can fall big time if the social group rejects her. Most likely to see these girls in private venues, private parties and private boats on the harbour. These girls have ZERO skills outside arm candy, but they are very good at being arm candy and will have your back in a knife fight -IF- her father was self made (as long as you stay rich). Read stories about this group in the Game, etc. Usually a LOT of shit tests but can be very loyal (as their private school teaches this hardcore). This group though is losing it good points due to social media, etc.

  • Bogan Girls - Usually like to do every type of drug under the sun. Usually live in housing commission. Expect the Government to give them money. I have never bothered. Easiest way would be to share drugs.

Most women are ultra feminists, so no red pill stuff when doing social friends stuff. Also they are usually dumber than a box of rocks, they will have no clue what you do and tend to be interested in stuff their exBF was interested in. Usually you hear replies like "Music" or "Dancing" when asking them what do they like to do.

Going Out

Going out is EXPENSIVE here.... You can regularly blow $80 for a shitty night and thats pretty normal. Beers are like $5-$12 in a nightclub and $4-$7 in a pub. Cocktails for the girls are $$$ ($12-$20). Cover-charges range from $0-$30.

Meals in pubs can be $10 for a steak and usually the food is pretty good, also good food is usually pretty reasonable. In Sydney there are the famous spots and clubs -

  • King Cross - Stripper central , but an okay area.
  • Ivy is the big famous nightclub - Snobby girls, but its our biggest nightclub so worth a look.
  • Darling Harbour - Tourists, lots and lots of tourists - easy to meet international girls.
  • The Rocks - good for backpackers.

... To be continued.

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[–]Tenebris_Rubrum2 points3 points  (0 children) | Copy Link

It does seem like most of these things can apply to Melbourne as well (from my experience)

[–]Evolved_Red1 point2 points  (2 children) | Copy Link

Greetings to my fellow aussie brothers!

As an Asian-Australian, i wrote a lengthy rebuttal to a 'PUA Artist' on the state of male/female relationships in Sydney, from the RP POV (me!) of a guy who has lived in Europe and the Americas, over at /r/asianmaculinity.

Would it be worth placing it here, if i edited out the minority stuff?

[–]Limekill[S] 0 points1 point  (1 child) | Copy Link

Yeah - please add!

I've just gotten a little busy so haven't updated it as fast as I wanted. Will probably do the bigger update on Friday.

[–]Evolved_Red1 point2 points  (0 children) | Copy Link

Going through my history, trying to find and clean up that post for you - must be dated well over a year ago now.

But I did come across an old (2013) article from ROK, which you might want to include in your OP, which we conversed over the (non) merits of women in Sydney, and the loser men that let them develop that attitude: 9 reasons why Sydney sucks for men

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