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[USA][Mid-Atlantic] Richmond, Virginia

January 22, 2015

I've lived in Richmond for the past decade or so. Loads of young college grads from all over the USA move here each year to work at one of the big banks in town (Capital One is the largest private employer) or for state government/government contractor jobs. Female to male ratio is high. Virginia Tech, JMU, VCU and the University of Richmond have a lot of young alumni in town.

If you like white girls (typical ex-sorority girl type) you can find them galore at bars in the "Fan" neighborhood, which is just west of downtown. F.W. Sullivan's and Social 52, both on Main Street, and Balliceaux on Lombardy Street, are some of the popular hotspots for this crowd. The Fan is a dense residential area so the bars here are all pretty small and have a "neighborhood" vibe to them.

Shockoe Bottom, on the east end of downtown, is where the larger bars and clubs are. The crowd is much more racially mixed here, with some top shelf Black and Asian girls - Tobacco Company, Off the Hookah and Kai are some good spots.

There are also several breweries in Richmond with on-site consumption. Hardywood Brewery usually has a bunch of food trucks in their parking lot on Saturday afternoons that draw huge crowds. Legend, Strangeways and Ardent are some other decent breweries.

Daygame is tough here since Richmond is a very car-dependent town. VCU campus is probably the easiest place to daygame if you are into college girls. The college is right downtown and not really separated from the rest of the city.

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Day Game in Carytown is also pretty good (Cary Street north of Boulevard). There are frequent street-fair type events on Cary ripe for day game.

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