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Washington DC: where the illusion of power becomes status.

January 8, 2015

I've lived near DC most of my life. Thankfully, I'm far enough away that I can avoid the stink of dating in this city and still have plenty of options. The good news first, ladies are proud to embrace the CC until they decide they need to cash in what's left of their chips for beta bux. Anyone used to datibg American women know what to expect in this respect. The bad news is how they assign value and the nuclear shit tests. In DC, to have SMV means to hold power over others in some way, shape or form. Success is measured by the number of tax dollars you are responsible for spending. All of the young people are making good enough money, but never enough to differentiate. Everyone is making 50k in their 20s and 150k in their 50s, so there is little to be gained for monetary successes. $90k at 25 as a contractor is doable, but not enough to make up for a guy making $50k who can say he's coordinating some nationwide effort with hundreds of teachers and millions of taxpayer dollars. That's the way things go. The other thing of course, is with 90% of the women, being outwardly critical of progressivism is a nuclear shit test failure. That's at least by my judgment when you see a girl deflate when you say "oh, outrage of the day really doesn't bother me". It sucks but it's better than pretending to tow the line. Finally, just beware the entitlement is sky high. You're just there as icing on the cake walk that is their life. Let me know about your experiences here.

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