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Black civil rights organizations are failing black men.

April 26, 2021

I was watching this video (by a conservative and has nothing to do with gender issues) and i noticed that Black Lives Matter Nashville have a list of priority: diversity, restorative justice, globalism, queer affirming, unapologetically black, collective values, empathy, loving engagement, transgender affirming, black villages, black women, black families. (see the picture below)

This is not the first time i notice this, all black civil rights organizations have special initiatives for black women but nothing for black men. why ? are black women more disadvantaged compared to black men ? women represent 62% of college graduate in the US. amoung the black community more than 70% of college graduate are female ! black boys are more likely to drop out from high school than black girls, black men live shorter, are more likely to die in the worplace, more likely to be homeless, to be victim of police shooting etc etc ...

By all life measures black men are disadvantaged compared to black women, but unfortunately black civil rights organizations just like mainstream social organizations just assume that women are always the disadvantaged group and men are the privileged and therefore male disadvantage continue to go unnoticed.

That's why the US have a Women's Health Office but no Men's Health Office despite the fact that men live 5 years shorter. it's time to see the data and recognize that gender equality is not about women's rights only. men's rights matter.

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