Body shaming short men is so normalized on social media.

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Body shaming short men for something they can’t change at all is so normalized in today’s society.

I found a subreddit called R/ExposingHeightism where I found an outrageous amount of likes on the posts exposed there. I checked the comments under these posts and saw countless women and girls agreeing and tagging their friends to see these videos.

It’s like they view short men as lesser than other people. It’s sickening to see so many people agreeing with views like these.

What’s worse is that these videos have a higher like to view ratio than other types of videos including likable ones. This just shows that a large portion of people view short men this way. People are like this outside of social media too. It just takes social media to expose it.

This is a very sad thing to see as a guy whose just 5’4 and lives in an area where the average height is 5’10.

Imagine all the short boys growing up and seeing that their shortness as something to be ashamed of on a regular basis on social media. It's very sad and I think this is a great injustice.

Just imagine the outrage these body shaming videos would get if the word "tall" was replaced by the word "thin" or "skinny" and the word short was replaced with the word "fat" or "flat".

Here’s the link to the subreddit: