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Does the US GDP account for OnlyFans and influencer sponsorships? Patreon?

November 25, 2020

With the explosive success of only fans during the quarantine, combined with women selling sex to gain sponsorships for brands because of their social media following, how does this play into the alleged wage gap? I can say for sure that I know girls with only fans accounts that attributed to what saving their asses through the quarantine. Also, as I’ll be traveling to Mexico next week, all it takes is typing the hashtag Tulum, and you see girls in thongs with giant followings that are able to leverage serious sponsorship dollars. So Behne can’t do the steaks. No one is signing up for mail only fans accounts, men, even good looking ones don’t have nearly the following on Instagram that women do. This seems to be a very shadowy gray area of GDP accounting. If Angie Verona is making close to a million dollars a year, a girl you went to high school with is selling nudes on onlyfans making an extra $400-$1000 a month, not even factoring in cam modeling, how is this accounted for? Does anyone have any knowledge on this?

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