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Feminist reacts to story of man being raped

May 24, 2021
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Rule 11

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Info: This was the article she was referring to. Ironically (and unfortunately) the comment ticks all the usual rape apologist red flags, including the "if X didn't want it then X would've left".

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Yeah okay, so obviously it’s a toxic opinion, and a feminist would crucify a guy for saying the same thing about a woman, again obviously. However, I don’t see how this woman is supposed to represent the feminist opinion, did she announce that she is a feminist somewhere offscreen? Either way it’s demonstrably wrong that all feminists would have the same take on these male rape victim, so the only thing your post is really saying is “hey look, I found an idiot on the internet.” And I’m just here like “Yes I know, there are many idiots on the internet, why did I need to be reminded of this?” Seriously why does any of us need to see this comment? We already know toxic people exist on the internet, this is nothing news worthy. I think this post largely fits under the category of rage porn against feminists for no good reason, we don’t need this, we don’t need extra reasons to aim animosity at feminism, we have plenty. We need to value our clear-headedness more than this, it is not good for our mental health to constantly be enraged, or to constantly solidify your hatred for a group no matter what your criticism of a group. This is why most of us intentionally avoid comment sections, that we already know are going to have gross answers because we would rather not actively seek out shitty feelings.

Nothing personal man, but posts like this is not what I signed up for. If I am going to get worked up about something it need to be much more important than some idiot on the internet.

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