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i feel really bad for men right now. as a black person, i get what it feels like to be treated like you’re a monolith.

March 13, 2021

i’m a girl (hey lol) i’m 17 so i’m still in school and i live in the UK. obviously you all have probably heard about sarahs unfortunate murder and it’s truly horrific and upsetting. but what’s annoying me is the feminist that are using this to push their “all men bad” agenda.

everyone’s instagram, snapchat and twitter stories have been filled with ways in which men can protect women and not look creepy. women are making justification for their fear for men saying “it’s not all but it’s some so we need to be wary” it’s literally what white supremiscist say about us black peoples ffs, it’s so annoying and gross. they’re comparing men to sharks, bees, snakes - it’s so dehumanising.

do they really think that every guy knows a rapist? do they think every guy knows someone who has sexually assaulted someone? i personally know girls who have but they play it off as a joke and say it’s “not a big deal cus guys don’t mind” it’s so annoying.

i feel myself resenting women which is bad because i’m a woman my self and it would be contradictory too.

i told my friends that it’s not just teen girls who need to be weary, it’s everyone cus the world isn’t a fucking utopia, there are bad people out there. i even told them to calm down cus they aren’t as likely to face stranger violence it’s men. and they got mad at me. they told me i’m dismissing what’s happening when i was just trying to calm them down so they don’t feel scared anymore. but fuck me for being so evil.

i realised every time i say something rational to my friends they get mad at me. they accuse me of being a pick me. they accuse me of trying to side with my oppressors (white people and men) and it’s not even that. i just don’t feel like walking around feeling hysteric that every man that looks at me for a nanosecond is planning every way in which he can rape or murder me.

i’m so tired of it. i hope this dies down tbh. i feel so bad for all of you guys cus it’s not fair to be treated like a monolith. i for one know what that’s like as a black girl. everyone sees you and thinks you’re ratchet, dumb, ghetto, a potential criminal, without even getting to know you. it’s sucks but the difference is i’m allowed to call people out on it, men can’t or else you’ll be accused of mansplaning.

it really hits close to home all of this. and it hurts because i know EXACTLY how you feel. telling people “we aren’t all like that” “we aren’t all criminals” pleading people to see some humanity in you. people have told me that black peoples are subhuman which is why they commit so much darwinism istg. and people are doing the same thing but with men. they’re saying men are naturally violent rapist. it’s sucks, it really does. but honestly, what i suggest is getting off of social media for a bit, stop fighting with these women because they’re being so irrational and hysteric i really think they need therapy for their unresolved trauma.

stay safe guys :) ❤️

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Title i feel really bad for men right now. as a black person, i get what it feels like to be treated like you’re a monolith.
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