Feminists have bought the corporate interests of both liberals and establishment conservatives, no other identity-based groups has bought out more corporate interests than modern day feminism. I am not a ''repeal the 19th'' types, but do feminists not realize the voting process was more meritocratic than just being able to vote off based on gender? MY DUDE, men who DIDN'T OWN LAND couldn't vote, men WHO DIDN'T SERVE couldn't vote, men WHO WEREN'T PART OF AN ELITE FAMILY couldn't vote, if you DIDN'T PAY TAXES you couldn't vote, why are feminists trying so hard to act like all men got qualified immunity on their suffrage and political rights? This painted narrative is not only blatantly false, but also demonstrates the dangerous underestimation of feminist hijacking. Because feminists control most of the press, they get to decide what narratives make it to the mainstream, and yeah they hijacked the right, the left and even socialist circles[I am not a socialist, just bringing it up for example sake's] . Black men couldn't even vote on large scale numbers until the 60s, but by then women of all races and religions started voting in massive numbers by the 1930s. However feminism, thanks to its pathological narcissism gets what it wants because feminists are willing to fight for any petty shit, but men are still brainwashed from young to always sell their own souls for a society that hates, demonizes and outcasts them. But the more we keep spreading this word, the more the message gets spread, then the more that narrative starts to get challenged.

As for my idea of a more meritocratic voting system, well simply we should stop focusing on things like age, gender and race, and more on to employment, civic and education prospects, this way politicians can stop simply buying votes out on the behalf of special interests groups. This is a simplistic idea, but I will save this for another topic.