R/unpopularopinion can be pretty horrible but I actually agree with this one.

December 6, 2019
Crosspost "The fact that men’s issues are largely (or entirely) ignored by the body positivity movement shows it’s mainly about overweight women wanting to be victims" from /r/unpopularopinion:

By men’s issues, I mean undesirable male physical traits... weather it’s having a small penis, having short or small stature, male pattern baldness, or being very slim/skinny... these are still physical traits that both women and men mock equally, and society still perpetuates the idea it’s okay to mock men for these traits they have no control over.

It’s generally socially unacceptable to publicly mock a women for being overweight, or having small breasts. But when it comes to men, it seems to be fair game to joke about a man’s height or poke fun at his perceived small manhood... traits he has no control over, while most overweight women do have control over their weight, but don’t eat healthy or exercise as much as they should.

Posted by The_FatGuy_Strangler | 6 December 2019 | Link

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