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Telling boys to just “not rape” people is very lazy advice that doesn’t actually address the problem

March 9, 2021

Just saw a post on on a female subreddit giving rape prevention tips.

Rape Prevention Tips

  1. If someone is drunk, don't rape them

  2. When you see someone walking by themselves, don't rape them.

  3. Use the buddy system. If it's difficult to stop yourself from raping, bring a friend to accompany you at all times.

  4. Bring a rape whistle. If you feel you are about to rape someone, blow the whistle until someone comes and stops you.

  5. Don't forget honesty is the beat policy. Don't pretend to be interested in someone if you know you'll try to rape them later. They may get the wrong idea and think you're a safe person to be around.

  6. Understand consent. If this is a difficult concept for you, seek a friend to explain or even a therapist for expert advice. Many rapists don't consider what they did to be rape- even if the victim was unconcious or otherwise inebriated.

the issue with this list is that it assumes that a lot of men literally want to harm and maliciously hurt women. For a young guy about to head to college reading this, he’ll look at it at say “lol that’s so easy, I obviously don’t want to rape anyone so how could I?”

but the issue is no one is talking about the intricate situations where “yes” means “no” which happens A LOT!

I’ll give this one scenario for example, which is a very common situation for women that feel assaulted:

A guy and girl are both out drinking at the club. The girl and boy are drunk, but the girl is more drunk. The girl comes up to the guy and fancies him, asks him to take her home. They get back to her place and she asks him to stay, he stays, and nothing really serious happens, just some making out/cuddling. A few hours later after a lot of conversation, it seems as though both parties are sober. The girl asks to have sex, and they boy has a condom, so they proceed. After finishing they fall asleep, and the next morning the girl freaks out as she doesn’t remember ANYTHING. unbeknownst to the boy, the girl was apparently black out the whole night despite showing no signs of that. She gets mad at the boy, and the boy is labeled a rapist.

you’re telling me to prevent that, the boy should have just known not to rape?

there are way more complex conversations to have about this topic and acting like “lol don’t rape” will solve the problem is asinine

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