The narrative of universal historical female oppression is quite insulting to men

February 14, 2020

The whole idea of a patriarchal system where men hold all the power which they use to the detriment of women just doesn't hold ground. It's been discussed ad nauseum how the men with the most power are isolated examples and not representative of most men, and that they do not tend to use their power to the benefit of men as a whole. It's also been pointed out that women have tremendous social power. And of course, it's been established that gender roles help and hurt both sexes in significant ways, and that they emerged for reasons totally unrelated to oppressing anyone. On logical grounds, the epidemic of female oppression never really held water.

But in my opinion it's just as abhorrent on a moral level. When you look at how much painful labor men have historically been forced to do, all so their wives and children wouldn't starve, I can't even fathom how you can take away that they must have had so much privilege just because they weren't stuck in the kitchen. Men have throughout all of time been expected to sacrifice so much just so others can live easy lives. Ironically enough this was especially true in pre-industrial, so-called "patriarchal" times. It's insulting to look at all the men dying in battlefields and coal mines so that their families can live and say that these men were fiendishly oppressing women all while pursuing their passions.

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