The reason why I'm writing this post is that I'm at a stage where I'm starting to realize that I might be a high functioning autist. It makes sense due to my struggle with learning social skills, learning to read subtext and subcontext of situations and the level of effort I needed to go through just to level the playing field. However, I also read that autist can memorize a lot of information and remember things word for word and even phrase them differently, even if they don't understand it.

I live in Ontario and based on my research we don't seem to have a federal doc about autism, but it seems the popular therapy here is ABA which I have hears horror stories from when researching about autism.

Having autism already comes with struggles, struggles that doesn't have a proper answer yet and research is still being done to fully understand the symptoms, causes, and finding ways for autistic people to live great lives while being accepted for what they're born with.

But I'm also realizing that there's some unique experiences being an autistic man that I feel aren't talked about. However, I'm only looking at this from my own experience and haven't heard the experience of other autistic men. Because there aren't enough resources of how to integrate out autistic patterns into everyday life, I think it's better to talk to other autistic people and learn how they thrice in their environment and see if how they do things could be something other autists could implement in their lives. It could help further research into autism and give us a better understanding.

My ultimate goal with this post is this. Because of a lack of proper research on autism, the only people who can help autists are other autists. And because not a lot of people talk about the male experience, this makes this question unique. What are some experiences you have as an autistic man and how do you go about living your life when those challenges does arrive?