Why CALM's campaign on body positivity feels less positive than it could've.

As some may not yet know...

CALM is currently running a campaign on male body issues.


Some of you may, however, remember that they have majorly fucked up on that one in the past.

CALM have cooperated with Lily Allen.





That Lily Allen, who at that time already wrote "Not Fair" to shame men who suffer from a neurobiological disorder called premature ejaculation, outright denying all research on it and claiming those suffering from it to be to blame.

That Lily Allen, who at that time already couldn't accept being broken up with by a man and instead went on an abusive tirade of body shaming her ex and every man with whatever she believed to be a small dick. Be it interviews, her dedicated song "Not Big" or the experience of standing in a crowd of thousandsa of people who laugh and cheer as in every single of her live introductions to "Not Big" the celebrity on stage tells them things like that she hopes nobody in her crowd has a small dick and how men with small dicks are the worst type of men, to then go on and have thousands party to a song made for no purpose other than to demean, degrade, humiliate, objectify and hurt these men over their genes. If you do not yet know about the severity and seriousness of this topic, see this post: https://np.reddit.com/r/MensRights/comments/j81aw1/nsfwhigh_effort_man_denied_lifesaving/. And the crowds not just accept, but love it - cheering and singing along extra loud because funny (as is the case with all songs like that). Imagine someone going there, not knowing about it and seeing their partner take part in this as most appear incapable of understanding how messed up this is.

Anyway, she is the opposite of anything that CALM should support and I believe a public acknowledgement of that to still be needed. It is one thing to accept donations but another to not issue a statement on that decision, speak positively about her on your website and even start a giveaway with her (page 27) whilst featuring an article on sexual anxiety (page 20-22) just 5 pages earlier in the exact same iteration of your magazine.


More acceptance of disorders and anatomical anomalies in men is needed - unfortunately, this campaign on body positivity feels less positive than it could have if they had used it to finally address past mistakes and clearly position themselves on the topic at hand.

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