Happy holidays gentleman,

I'm brand new to this community and wanted to share what finally brought me here. My catalyst if you will.

Now, I've been wronged by women I trusted many times but always gave women as a whole the benefit of the doubt. I probably have enough stories of being wronged to count on 2 hands.

The straw that broke the camel's back? I made a plan with a girl to meet last Saturday. Saturday came up and I sent her a message to confirm nothing's changed. After she gave the go ahead I drove to the meet up point ≈15 minutes early. The time came and she was nowhere to be seen. No matter I thought, I will wait a little longer and message her if she doesn't show. After waiting even longer I noticed she had opened my messages and didn't respond.

I called her and got no answer, I waited and waited... She never showed up and I left. After I got home, she sent me a message begging for forgiveness claiming she had fallen asleep.

Which obviously makes zero fucking sense.

I'm in the military. I've met all kinds of women from many places over the past few years. I find this behavior of sending mixed messages and making stupid excuses that one would have to assume you're dumb to make, very common in women. It's shit testing to the extreme in some cases.

So now I'm here to practice a new philosophy in this area of life. Let's see how it goes.


Stoic Minds