For the new year I am planning on switching careers. I am moving to a different type of job with the goal being more time off to see my kids and in the process I will gain a way less stressful lifestyle as an added benefit.

I am tired of working 60-70 hours a week (salary) every week all year long while everyone gets to spend my money but me because I am the only one with responsibilities. On a side note the kids mother is furious because with my lifestyle change/cut in pay she will also receive a cut in pay once child support is adjusted for my income. I have spoken to a lawyer and it is completely legal to take a lower paying job in order to gain more time with your children. Women change jobs all of the time looking for more time off and men can do the same.

With my lifestyle change I will have more time to work out, work on my house, and also get back into some games I haven't played in months. After crunching the numbers I will be able to keep in roughly the same amount of money once things like gas/side hustle are factored in. It's going to be awesome (for everyone except her).

So what changes are you men making to improve yourself and your lifestyle this year?