I was talking to a woman some time ago, and the last conversation that we had really opened my eyes as to what a dumb@ss she really is.

According to her, corona does not exist. The vaccines are microchips that they will inject into everyone to spy on people and track them 24/7.

According to her, ALL media (be it the newspapers, television stations, radio stations, news sites etc) are corrupt and every single thing they report is a lie. And so corona is a lie too.

When I made it clear that the death of nearly 2m people is not a joke nor is it a lie, she called me naive and suggested that I'm a dumb brainwashed sheep. The rest of the conversation, she kept on belittling me and kept acting like she was some kind of omniscient being with an IQ that was about 8 times higher than mine.

Soooo.... after about 10 minutes, I had more than enough of it and decided that was the end of that. I blocked her everywhere and deleted her number.

Today, I was watching the "corrupted news station" like I usually do when...... LO AND BEHOLD!!!!! I nearly fell out of my damn couch. It was that smooth brained dumb@ss who was enthusiastically giving an interview on the perks of working from home during these corona times.

Holy sh%t. Soooo... she hates the media. They are all corrupt. She doesn't want anything to do with them, and she avoids them like the plague. And everyone who interacts with them in even the slightest of ways is a naive dumb@ss.

But all that went straight out the window and she happily bounced on the cock of the corrupt news station for her sweet sweet 5 seconds of fame...... that same news station that she condemned moments before. The cherry on top being that it was actually related to corona, something she is denying whenever there is not a camera pushed in her dumb face.

Holy sh&t. This is hilarious. These creatures are a g/d joke. 😂