a prob crossed my mind when seeing this new trendy thing called mgtow and how men are choosing this way, im quite new to it but not a blind follower of anything and dont like belonging 100 percent to something, although i like and understand the idea...

the prob is that; shouldnt mgtow men stop feeding slutty women with this ''smash and dash'' philosophy ? i mean avoid and stay away from women who are toxic and find a women who are good, even if you have to search out of country or region and maybe find a virgin or some one with a gud culture, family, background and get married to them and have kids... shouldnt that be the ultimate solution to the problem in society ?? and leave fornicating, cheating or sleeping arnd women to sleeping around men ? .. isnt it better to get out of the cycle and actually create a solution for a family oriented society ? (as thats were mgtow began right ? slutty or bad women = bad family or no family after marriage = society messed up = men went there own way).

i mean i hear alot of mgtow guys sayin, fuck women, fuck family, im just gonna get these bitches in bed and run away like smoke, no commitment.... but but isnt that counter productive to what you really want ? like a good woman, family, kids, etc... do you not think your just playing into the hands of the devil ? and just being part of the problem instead of the solution ? and feeding the family crisis prob we have in the world today ?

so again isnt the solution to actually set an example for society .. that look, theres shit women every where, but hey i found this woman from such and such country, such religion, culture etc, where they respect the man, respect family life and values and i started a family with her and now i have kids... and i avoided all shit women to their own shitty ways banging other shitty men..

NOTE: i do realize finding ''good'' women is hard, but its not impossible, maybe ull have to move out of ur comfort zone (country, region, culture etc) but it is still doable, cse think abt it if all men just neglect the need of a family isnt society just gonna get worse ? shouldnt we mgtows be setting the right examples with competent women and leaving behind non competent ones ?