Women are using abortions as a method of birth control, this is wrong. Speaking not only from a moral, pro-humanity stance, but from a fiscal perspective. Tax dollars + donations are going to abort babies because Brandi couldn't keep her legs shut for the 10th time. I understand that we are all human, and sometimes accidents do happen where abortion may be acceptable if performed as soon as possible. If the child's life is going to be miserable because you are an immature child who can't take care of themselves, why subject the kid to that? Maybe you banged some 55 time felon with face tattoos and you know he won't be a good father and has nothing to really offer (that dick tho), maybe you were raped...maybe you have health complications or are an alcoholic/drug addict. There are many reasons that could validate an early abortion to save the child a lifetime of misery. Being a "sexually independent" whore doesn't qualify in my books. Do you think a nationally tracked limit on sponsored abortions should be in place? I feel the money could be spent in better places, like educating the youth on the ramifications of unprotected sex. I know that this won't fix the abortion issue, but it will discourage women from acting like it's no big deal to have multiple abortions in their life, all paid for by other people.