Well I frequent this forum alot. I view alot of the content and I post here alot too. I have always been one to hear out arguments from all different spheres of the ball (I don't believe most arguments are two sided like a coin, that is a huge oversimplification). So I sometimes end up in debates or discussions with people who are anti MGTOW on reddit.

I generally try to present myself in an articulate way and put a decent effort into posts like this. Nothing wrong with that. At the same time when it comes to dealing with or "combating" haters, I find I just am giving less and less fucks as time goes by. My experiences has been it is not worth putting effort into creating a long "screed" that is just going to be rebuked no matter what.

Look at threads like this on /r/askmen or even worse this on /r/askwomen and you will catch my drift. Most of the time discussions against MGTOW come down to a few basic templated re-hashed arguments. These are generally accusations such as:

  • MGTOWs are just loser virgins, good riddance, gone from the gene pool.
  • Bunch of complainers. Whingy complainers, it's not a mans role to complain. It doesn't look good on a man. *Same as the feminists
  • *** Why are you still complaining about women, hurry up and go your own way already***

This last one is what I want to talk about and get some discussion on. MGTOW is men going their own way. That means avoiding investment in relationships with women such as cohabitation or marriage i.e. as an object. It does not mean we reject data and information women, especially female nature. These are not mutually exclusive. On the contrary, it they are mutually inclusive. It is this "obsession" with investigating female nature which has led up to reject female investment.

The fact is the more men invest in knowledge and understanding of women, the less they willing invest in women sexually, emotionally, and economically. This is the real reason why women a don't want MGTOW talking about women.

I just made this video "Accusations against MGTOW: Shut Up And Go Your Own Way Already" which deals specifically with this subject in detail. I plan on doing a series of these "MGTOW" accusations videos, mainly so that other MGTOW can be informed and prepared for these accusations.

Accusations Against MGTOW