Ever since visiting this sub I found a new appreciation for my dad and it brought us a lot closer. Whenever I visit home I spend most of that time with him, he’s the best guy I know. The guy has literally done everything he could for my siblings and I to live a better life. He’s what I aspire to be and I hope one day I can pay it forward to him.

When I was a young kid I remember used to ask myself “how did my dad ever land my mom?” After some reflection I believe some social engineering was at play, whether it be all authority figures in my life were women (teachers), movies(prize is the girl), societal traditions(buy gifts, pay for dinner) etc. Society had taught me since a ridiculously young age to treat women as if they had intrinsic value and men did not. Even though I of course appreciate and love my mother, society does not give dads the credit they deserve.