I had to turn off the live tv today.

Every talk show talking about “terrorists” in regards to the people who stormed into the capitol couple days ago yet last year when BLM tried to attack the White House, the very next day, these same people on these talk shows were laughing and making jokes about Trump being scared since they had to transport him for protection because of the mob attacking the White House.

The media acting like democracy and this country was under threat the other day yet all last year they said America needs to burn down, they demanded we not celebrate July 4th because this country was built on racism and they celebrated and endorsed BLM attacking law enforcement and burning down police stations and courthouses. They kept making excuses “they just want to be heard” “no one said protests need to be peaceful” etc.

You can’t make this stuff up. They aren’t even hiding the fact that they decide what the narrative is and how biased and filled with crap they are. What’s crazy to me is how people take what PC media says and repeats it as fact, it’s like they forgot what happened last year and what was said. It’s only been days since 2020 and the media already is changing history (revisionist history). And people are just following along.

I was getting frustrated because channel after channel was the same thing and then the news as well. All of a sudden idiots storming the capitol and taking selfies NOW it’s bad, now they care about police officers and this country. All last year they were yelling for defunding police and making fun of them and openly saying how evil and bad this very country is. Now they are patriots who are offended.

Am I crazy, am I the only one?

(Now we have the same political party not only controlling all government but they have the media to back them up and the universities and Hollywood to indoctrinate. They now have it all for at least the next two years and look how easy they got it even with everything they pushed for all last year. And going by what I hear from people and what I’m reading online, most everyone is loving it)