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AWALT Example in the AWALT Sticky!!!

August 1, 2018

You just can't make this shit up!!!

[–] THOT; 1 point an hour ago

Okay, tell me how can i fix myself? How can i stop myself from turning like that?

[–]Ludakrit[S] 1 point an hour ago

Don't get married. Don't cohabitate.

[–]THOT; 1 point an hour ago

But i wanna have a family, i wanna be with a guy i can live with until im dead, ill work if that means changing my wired brain, but i wanna get married.

[–]Ludakrit[S] 1 point an hour ago

Biology doesn't negotiate.

[–]THOT; 1 point an hour ago

But marriage has been around for more than a dacade now... if its that bad then why did it work before? Why did the system suddenly crashing??

[–]Ludakrit[S] 1 point an hour ago

There used to be enforced monogamy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rf3Eub1Hvhs

It also has to do with sex ratios, and the lack of Grandmothers influencing their families.


[–]THOT; 1 point an hour ago

So even if i find a guy that have a strong frame and im willing to change and be re-wired it wont work?

[–]Ludakrit[S] 1 point an hour ago

There is no "rewiring" your biology.

If you delete all social media, and go live in a cabin in the woods, maybe.

/r/redpillwomen is more suited to your goals than MGTOW.

[–]THOT;1 point an hour ago

I know, my guy from trp showed me this and i just wanna ask some question that u answer :o thank u, i learn alot from this post.

[–]Ludakrit[S] 1 point 47 minutes ago

Here are my questions for you.

If you want a long term successful marriage, how do you think you qualify for that when you are posting nudes on the internet seeking external validation?

How do you think you are going to "rewire your biology" when you are performing the most basic AWALT behavior known to man?

You'll never be able to respect any man who marries you, because EVERYONE knows that marriage is a losing proposition for the man. Any man willing to take you up on that deal is by definition either a sucker, or ignorant, and women LOATHE weakness as outlined above.

You are the definition of solipsistic, and contrary to disproving my case you've only made it stronger. Thank you for providing a phenomenal example of AWALT behavior here.

[–]THOT; 1 point 41 minutes ago

Except he really encourage me to do this, and your probably right, im just horny little thing you know? If i dont breath out my horny side using reddit i think i wont be a virgin anymore, its so hard to keep myself from saying yes to guys who offer sex, i wanna have sex so badly but i need to wait, i wish u know how hard it is for me. Dont worry before i did this i asked him first and he's trp and kinda mgtow, we actually met here in this sub so thats a little ironic.

[–]Ludakrit[S] 1 point 39 minutes ago

Look at you not taking responsibility for your actions.

Look how easily influenced you are to participate in immorality.

This is EXACTLY WHY we won't marry women.

[–]THOT; 1 point 35 minutes ago

Sorry that im horny little thing...

[–]Ludakrit[S] 1 point 34 minutes ago

I'm not. This is going to make a great post. Thanks!

[–]THOT; 1 point 32 minutes ago

Do u think im a slut?

[–]Ludakrit[S] 1 point 19 minutes ago

We have a different label for you; AWALT.

Name changed to protect the guilty.

This exchange took place deep at the bottom of the thread, hence my creating a separate post to highlight this behavior.


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