Not much out there beats gifting yourself a smoking hot muscle car for your birthday. Especially when it's a brand new limited edition 2016 ford shelby GT350

In my opinion this is easily one of the sexiest motors in production today and it seems that one particular OP in personal finance agreed with me and decided to finally commit to the car of his dreams.


OP writes that

[I] Had an amazing few days riding around, grinning like a kid

In control of 526 horses and with his nostrils getting invaded by new car smell it's not surprising he had a blast. Tragically the joy was short lived.

Shockingly the missus decided she'd had enough of this pathetic manchild's behaviour and served up the divorce papers, on his actual birthday no less. Cold

No doubt holding back tears at the loss of his baby (obviously the mustang) OP dishes up this sad, but not so unfamiliar, summary


TL;DR - looks like Cobra has to go - there's no way I'd be able to afford the shitstorm that's coming my way and Shelby payments.


Ah well, not to worry lads. Happy wife happy life, amirite ;)


My condolences extend to OP


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