TLDR: Don't get married.

  • Before marriage, my wife listened to everything I had to say and followed everything I wanted to do, and I did the same for her. After marriage, she has become willful and disrespectful, purposefully saying or doing provocative things to bother me and is more interested in being lazy or wasting my money than spending time together.

  • Before, I had several hundred friends. After, I have none; I either don't have the opportunity or the time to make more because of the obligations I have to my wife and son. In addition, I can't travel out very far or for very long with my family waiting for me at home, and my life is so boring that I have nothing to talk about besides my unmarried days and video games, so I always make terrible company.

  • Before, I used my entire paycheck on the things I wanted and personally used. After, the smallest fraction of the money that I make, by my own work, is given back to me as an allowance like I'm a ten year old kid. I haven't bought anything for myself since late 2009 besides cigarettes, snacks and the two or three video games I buy a year.

  • Before, when I was hungry, I went to the supermarket or a restaurant and got something to eat, when I was bored, I bought a new video game or went to a museum, and when I wanted to hang with friends, I treated them to coffee. After, I've not once considered buying something without wondering if I was overspending from my allowance. And in the vast majority of cases, I was, so I just went home.

  • Before, I worked where I wanted. After, I have to run every job idea by my wife, and listen to her whine and give up my plans if she doesn't approve.

  • Before, I could play video games all day if I wanted. After, I have to wait until everyone goes to sleep, or wake up at 5:00 in the morning, to get a few hours alone.

  • Before, I came home to a quiet house of relaxation. After, I come home to chores, routine, staring off into space and sometimes, drama.

  • Before, I hardly ever did chores because I ate out to avoid dishes and re-wore clothes for unimportant situations (work, staying home) to avoid laundry. After, I have chores to do every single day. The current records stand at doing the laundry five times in one day, cleaning the floor and table three times on another, and doing the dishes three times on another.

  • Before, if I fought with a friend or a girlfriend, I either fixed the problem, or just left them. After, if I fight with my wife (and it's usually because she starts it), I have to act like her father and punish her with less monthly money, silence or cold rebukes. It's like raising another child.

  • Before, I had almost a dozen sweet, cute and intelligent girls hanging on my every word. After, my sex life is utterly at the mercy of my wife, who is always tired, busy, uninterested, hot, cold or stressed, or who has early work the next morning, a headache, an emotional problem, or another issue that has led to our "once every month or two" routine. She's also been grossly overweight since 2009.

  • Before, I used to have a day or two off a week from work, and five or six days off of chores, to relax. After, I routinely have times where I work for a whole month, even two or three, without a single day off, knowing most of that money will be siphoned away and spent on something I don't want. The chores are even worse; I've recorded lengths between choreless days that lasted lengths like three months, six months, and the very worst, ten whole months before I had a day without cleaning the house.

  • Before, on my days off from work, I spent entire days outside having fun, with no accountability to anybody but myself, and no naysayers telling me what I could and could not do with my life. After, I spend most of my paltry time off watching TV, playing video games or taking little trips with my son.

  • Before, I would wake up in the morning, not know what the day had in store for me, and nothing excited me more. After, I wake up in the morning, know exactly what will happen from that minute to the minute I go to sleep, and nothing bores me more.

  • Before, I went out to find and experience fun and adventure. After, I sit around waiting for sparse scraps of interest to come to me.

  • Before, I experienced so much life in a day that twenty four hours felt more like a week. After, I've repeated the same daily routine so many times that twenty four hours feels like four. All of that missing time is spent daydreaming or blanked out from boredom or stress.

  • Before, I lived a life of plenty. After, I live a life of rationing.

  • Before, I planned to move to a new city every year, and live a new life with a new job and girl (with her consent at a possibly short term relationship, of course) for the rest of my life. After, I have the obligation of staying here with the same people in the same city in the same country working the same job eating the same food and going through the same routine every day until my son goes to college and I'm free again.

  • Before, the entire world was open to me. After, the ten mile radius around my house is open to me. But only if my wife's ok with it.

I worked hard to get where I was when I first went abroad, then lost it all when my wife got pregnant and I married her. I worked like a tank and suppressed my dreams for 25 years, and my reward? Another 19 years of work and suppressing my dreams. I advise not making the same mistake. If you have any love for life and have things you want to accomplish and experience, there's no quicker way to wad it all up and throw it in the garbage than to get married.

source: Marriage is Purgatory