Hey guys. So I am going through a little existential dilemma. Nothing new with my experience living but would like some guidance from someone who understands.

I’m about to cross over from my early 20s into mid 20s. When I was in my mid teens through 20, I was very passionate about life. I wanted to start a company. I tried a lot of different things and startups. Made a little money here and there but I never broke through.

Took a leap of faith and sacrificed all my savings, credit and cushion (nice job). Failed again. Now I’m rebuilding myself through an extensive training program, graduating, and working 2 professional jobs.

Anyway, I really don’t want to give up that passion to make a difference. To create new products and launch them into the marketplace.

I won’t lie though. While I think being a MGTOW is perfectly in line with that goal... I can’t see myself loving humanity while showing contempt for 50% of the population. I don’t necessarily hate women, but it’s hurting my potential by talking shit all the time. I’d rather just accept it’s not a risk worth taking, and move on instead of having this resentment.

Also, I keep thinking I’m running out of time to accomplish big goals. I don’t want to be another cog in a wheel. Hope that makes sense. I enjoy hard work, but meaningful.

Anyone gone through these bouts and lifted themselves up?