"And that's why you're so PRIVILEGED." LOL Here: http://imgur.com/YvgtU4c At least now I finally beginning to sort of understand and untangle the pits of hell misinformation and wacko upside down think that is the female brain what these IDIOT Feminists are talking about (and more than half the Western female population). They actually believe, as this cartoon implies, that men and women have equally difficult challenges in life. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

The typical Western female wouldn't last ONE WEEK as a man before curling into a ball in the corner and sobbing for the rest of their lives. Part of the reason is because women are so incredibly ignorant they don't even KNOW what challenges men face everyday. Just being presumed a pedophile and rapist because you're male ALONE is enough to push men to suicide as it would A LOT of people, male OR female.

And of course there IS NO SUCH THING AS MISOGYNY. No one 'hates' women except Ted Bundy and he's dead. It's a ruse! Everyone knows people hate FEMINISTS, not women. And most Western women are default feminists because they live the feminist lifestyle and are arrogant, obnoxious, completely unaccountable, entitled, lazy and falsely accusing and back stabbing. ANYONE would hate ANYONE like that. If Western women would just stop being complete CUNTS and ASSHATS people wouldn't hate them! That's how life WORKS.