Monogamy (longterm or a lifetime) is dead, for now.Because, cheating/extra partners is the biologically speaking normal. With stigmas gone now, there isn't much keeping women monogamous/faithfull(-ish). Biologically and evolutionairy speaking, cheating was the best/superior strategy.

That's why I think MGTOW is correct. In haveing adopted and accepting totally that relationships are very short/temporairy (mostly) nowadays.Any mgtow men still wanting to deal with women for sex and/or companionship. Have to accept, and must have real short term mindset and strategy nowadays.

The rest of mgtowers whom are monk or want nothing to do with dating/hookup/etc.; we can ingnore all this and life our own lifes.

Later added/edit:

I read about the history of humans and pair bonding.
It seems that we are naturally/bilogically programmed (now) to pair bond and be (more or less) monogamous. But not for a lifetime. More for like max. 4/5 years. Which basically is a period to ensure that the child has decent chance of survival, and is not totaly helpless anymore.