Hey guys,

Long time reader, first time poster.

I will spare you the back story, as you’ve heard it before. AWALT, monkey branching, etc. After a few months I’ve finally come out of the fog of digesting a harsh red pill, and while I won’t bullshit you and say everything is perfect, I wanted to thank you guys for always being there. Despite the initial pain, I have now learned so much about myself, mindfulness, the nature of reality, and what it means to be a man that I cannot be resentful or carry hate in my heart.

So, why am I writing this?

Well, right now I am on a business trip to present at an international conference in an amazing European city. I was feeling a little blue this morning, since it was my first trip as a single guy, and caught myself reminiscing about how much I used to like sending pictures, stories, etc to whoever I was dating back home. But then I realized.... know what I would be doing instead if I was still in the relationship? Paying out of pocket 2500+ to fly to Australia to attend her friend’s wedding at the same time as this conference.

So, I’m about to drink some bier and eat some schnitzel. Tomorrow I’ll check out some museums and galleries.

In this world of cucks and enablers, it’s awesome knowing this community is always there for its members.

Go your own way.