This post reminded me of him, so I thought it right to make a post about it.

I'm going to keep it as short as possible.

My uncle married this woman. She had 4 kids at the time of her marrying him, and he had 3 of his own.

The only reason she married him is because he brought home a lot of money doing illicit activities (breaking in places and stealing air conditioners and copper wiring).

All throughout their marriage, his children suffered. Most of the money was spent on her children. I remember spending a few weeks at his house in the summer when I was younger.

Long story short, there was a police raid and he was arrested and sent to prison. I was treated like dog shit. My oldest cousin slept on the floor in the living room, the second oldest in an attic where you couldn't even stand up. The youngest got out of there as she threatened the woman with a knife due to the abuse.

Fast forward a few years. His children basically stopped talking to him. They got out of there due to CPS. I have a loathing resent for him and her. We move to a different state. He has a stroke, and can no longer be the breadwinner.

Low and behold, she starts treating him like dog shit. She told him to his face that the youngest 2 children aren't his. She's put him out more than once, last time he was standing in the rain. She even told him she has a boyfriend (who's since moved in). He's the breadwinner now. Uncle is there to cook for whole household and babysit children.

The cycle went something like this.

  • Woman treats him like shit and puts him out.
  • Grandma does anything in her power to get him to our house.
  • He'd stay for 2-3 weeks, getting on my last nerves and eating up all the food.
  • He'd promise to not go back to her.
  • He goes back to her.

I got sick and tired of it. My personal space is encroached upon. When I'm alone in my room he just opens the door to start talking. One day I came home to him laying on my bed, and eating my candy bar I was saving for later, and watching my tv.

I blew up. Huge argument. Punched him in the face. I had half the mind to stab him. He was on the train the next day.

Huge argument with grandma. I left for a whole month. She barely paid the bills, with none left for food. She begs me to come back. I am forced to come back due to me being a minor. If the cost of living wasn't so high here, I would've filed for emancipation and be done with it.


He's a cuck. Woman admitted her last 2 children is not his. She has a boyfriend that lives with them that goes out and gets her money. He does nothing but gets treated like dog shit, and is only there because she needs someone to cook and babysit her children.