I believe that empathy is one of the key reasons society/people are what they are today. Or rather lack thereof.

I'm only 22 so I'm surrounded by young adults/teenagers that get caught up in the mundane aspects of life (money, career, materialism) and I don't expect it to be otherwise.

But does it get any better? I have a couple friends at least that are empathetic, but the vast majority of people I see don't seem to have much empathy. Of course I believe it's because of how we are raised from birth and the kind of nurture we receive.

I have hope that I can find more people that are empathetic as I know they exist (met many on reddit), but it seems hopeless at times.

I just feel that it's a damn shame that we have all been raised to prioritise money over friends and family. Money isn't what life is about, it's something WE created.

I've taken the red pill long ago and understand people aren't all nice and loving in reality. But I think it's just because people don't know any better and/or have been raised to believe certain things.

A lot of us here have been hurt, including myself. But I don't feel hatred towards women or people that hurt me anymore, I feel sorry that they don't see the beauty in life.

I'm kinda just going off on a rant of my thoughts, but I think there is some merit to it.

For everyone here that feels anger and hatred towards others - I understand as I've felt the same. But I'm a strong believer of "being the change you wish to see..." We shouldn't be fighting hate with hate, rather love. The more friendly I am = the more it rubs off on people, even towards someone filled with hate/anger.

I don't mean sexual or romantic love. Love as in compassion and empathy - towards fellow humans. What happened to being helpful just to be helpful? We are all in this together and yet we waste our time killing each other and trying to be better than each other. All for what? Money, better job, better possessions?

Of course I'm aware some of you just DGAF anymore and want to do you own thing. That's cool too. I just want more people to realise that things CAN be better if we actually try. Plus it's healthier to not feel anger/hatred all the time.

We should be cooperating, not competing, especially when the carrot that drives us to compete means nothing.