Well here's the answer: http://www.chicagomag.com/city-life/February-2016/Michelle-Christensen-Acura/

Just some excerpts from the interview:

When you went to apply to school for car design, you had no cars in your portfolio? I had my AP art portfolio. It was acrylic paintings, still lifes, animals, people. There were no cars in it.

When you started with the new NSX, what ideas did you come to it with? The NSX, we definitely wanted to keep the purity of the original NSX. It’s such an icon for our brand. Even though it’s a totally different generation of NSX, we didn’t want to go the complete retro route; we want to stay true to what our customers are excited about.

The car is plain ugly and you see it has been designed by a woman. Ugh. She didn't even have cars in her portfolio when she started. C'mon