Usually fathers day advertising starts atleast a week in advance and is almost impossible not to notice, as the chance for business to flog cheap crap marked up is inevitable. However in the UK this year I have seen literally 0 advertisements on the TV and newspapers and no mention on Amazon, I almost completely missed my chance to send a gift to my father. This is a huge change from where it was advertised usually a week or 2 in advance, similar to the bombardment of mothers day promotion.

To go from mothers day still having all this mountains of promotion whilst fathers day is now nowhere to be seen, is damning of the treatment of how fathers are now being seen and treated by mainstream media and big business. They genuinely use the worthless argument that promoting fathers day is somehow discriminatory to single mothers and lesbian parents, whilst not giving a damn about single fathers and gay parents with mothers day.

It's hypocrisy pure and simple, but the devaluation of fathers in society seems to becoming more normalised every day. Is it no wonder that more and more men chose not to have children and become fathers anymore, or fear the destruction of their lives in the divorce and family court system that hates men. When it seems society and women at large are actively working to dismantle fatherhood as something worth celebrating, instead denigrating it with shame and silence. Meanwhile businesses lose out on billions to propagate the agenda.

Now I'm no fan of these commercial holidays, but my parents have always celebrated the day so I've always felt the need to contribute a present and card for the occasion, sometimes a visit if possible to show that I appreciate my dad. He has never failed to show appreciation and love for the effort I put into it and it gives me a reason to reconnect with him every year.

The disintegration of men's place in society by chipping away at fathers, to not even be recognised for at least a single damn day of the year to me speaks volumes of where this is all headed in the future. Where men are no longer respected as fathers of their children and never allowed to be seen capable of caring for children in media, spurned by the feminist supremacist agenda.