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Female easy life mode ACTIVATED

October 20, 2017

Every female has in their DNA beta orbiter management algorithm installed, a bit advanced one though.

Your average Stacy has a lot of problems. She has to get her shopping, food at fancy restaurant, new modern revolver (also known as smartphone), pass test at school, visit foreign exotic country, emotional tampon exposure, jewelery, external validation from social media, schadenfreude and quality dick.

Do you think it's easy to run all errands? Especially to get the best of the best? Our Stacy's daily dilemma is what she's about to gain worth her time, risk being caught, cringiness, does she has to touch that ugly small dick etc? So her inner system operates on some values based on ratio of what she can gain to put efforts. She always tries to use everyone.

Let's see... she wants new phone, fancy dinner, some schadenfreude/emotional tampon and fancy vacations.

She has beta orbiters: Cuck my white armor, Bobby Beta, Soy Tommy Feminist, 60yo SugarDaddy

Beta orbiter Vacation Modern revolver Dinner Emotional tampon
Cuck my white armor 50 90 20 40
Bobby Beta 100 80 30 40
Soy Tommy Feminist 150 60 40 20
60yo SugarDaddy 30 70 100 100

A bit of magic and... Optimal value is 150. Vacation with 60yo SugarDaddy, Modern revolver from Bobby Beta, Dinner from Cuck my white armor and emotional tampon will be Soy Tommy Feminist.

So much time for chad's dick! Life's good.

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Yes they do. BOMA is a good way to remember it. You pussy cucks out there should understand that you're not in a "friendzone." You were put into her resource management system where she can tap you for your resources when she wants. She miscalculates the branch-swing and thought she could grab onto Chad's branch? You're there for her to catch her lol.

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