In a world so controlled, the only thing I can really say is...I love you brothers. I love you for wanted to resist against what is wrong and in saying that, fuck the system.

Fuck the imposition of power. Fuck the greed. Fuck the exploitation. Fuck the surge of evil.

It is in each and every one of you to unplug. This is truly somewhat similar to the Matrix. Not essentially binary coding etc, but more to autopilot mode for the rest of your life. Virtual reality, headphones, electronics: the advancement of humanity? All in moderation lads. I'm warning you because I love you. Mr Smith will suck you back into the fucking system. Mr Smith does not want you to leave, he does not want you to be a man going his own way. He wants you get on your hamster wheel and perform till you can no longer move, to then throw you out to rot and die whilst he throws another chump into the well. You die alone. Look at the elderly, Mr Smith doesn't care about them because they do not provide. Take care and enjoy the rest of your weekend. Be aware, that's what I want you to be.