Another dose of red pill in my life is just noticing that a friend of mine has knicked another friends wife. It came out in their christmas messages to everyone. I know I should not be surprised, but I am. Last time I saw the woman in question with the first friend, they were walking around hand in hand, looked to be right in love, even after what seems to be being young lovers, having two kids now on the verge of adulthood too. Let this be yet another lesson; no matter how "in love" you think your friends are, the bitch will up and monkey branch on you, even after; 20 years, a house, a life, kids and the fact that you even call her parents "mum and dad". Fucking AWALT gentlemen. I also really want to say something to my friend who is now dating this bird, but I know to do so would be instant ending of just can't save'em when they're that deep in the plantation.