I was remembering an Ex who would not promise to be faithful to me. Somehow the issue of cheating came up, and she said "no one can promise that they won't cheat". In retrospect she was pretty much spot on (AWALT), although someone women are definitely bigger hos than others.

Anyway, I dumped her on the spot, and she threw a nuclear fit. This girl was hot but also a loud and obnoxious "feminist".

She told me to my face that she wanted to practice open hypergamy. I was supposed to be OK with that. ("Oh sure, I accept that you are telling me to my face that you are going to cheat on me someday. Thank you for being with me and for throwing whatever crumbs you have my way.")

If I had cheated on her, she would have found a way to destroy my life. And leaving her also wasn't acceptable, so basically the only option palatable for her was for me to sit on my hands until she cheated on me.

The oldest rallying cry of feminism is that men are bunch of toxic cheaters who demand women's unwavering devotion and commitment. And yet this proud feminist wants exactly what she accuses "toxic masculinity" of perpetuating.