Hi there,

im someone with Lyme Disease. I am very proactive, know a shit ton of things and i am in many groups on facebook that all help each other out. Women would always message me or add me as a friend. I read many books and i know how the body works with this. Of course because i tested it with others and im a strategic thinker.

Over time it was a mess.... You should think that this horrible disease with all the suffering should teach people a lot. While i feel i grew in every aspect of my life, i came across many many women that are totally insane.

Good info about lyme https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/lyme-do-it-yourself-disease-lori-dennis-ma-rp

1.) I knew a woman that had it super bad. She was in a wheelchair. I was unaware of female nature at that time. She and her husband both had it. When she was finally cured, she left her husband (he was still sick and supported her all the time) and now is a "happy single mum" that posts insane bullshit on instagram and thinks shes a rock star. I think she is disgusting.

2.) Another girl that i helped a lot in the past finally got something out of it, i always stay true to my truth and research. She got better and the day she got better, she was telling me disgusting stuff like whats so bad about me. I couldnt believe it. Gladly i didnt tell her all she needed to know. She even called all the people in the group her "friends"

3.) A woman messaged me and freaked the fuck out when i told her that her current success is not enough and she needs to do A,B,C - she freaked out and funny enough she first was flirting with me but said im a jerk for telling her its not done yet. She told me im a jerk while i said nothing to insult her and it all was pure logic, research and nothing else. She said she would be open to "forgive me" but i didnt reply.

4.) I got banned only by women in health groups when i said i disagree - funny enough everyone that followed my advice later told me he/she left the group and is now better off. Women fuck up the progress in health groups because they play boss and are totally sticking to their systems, not being open for new stuff or better insight.

5.) Another woman i know divorced her husband and manipulated him enough so he would give her still all the money she needs to "beat this"

6.) The worst scammers before i educated myself were always female doctors. They would explain nothing and if it didnt work get mad at me or write me off.

7.) A woman that said she wants a divorce but stays with her husband (again) to get money for all the supplements and treatments but told me she wants to divorce him "after shes cured"

It makes me sick to the stomach. How can you be so digusting? If anything all this suffering should make you a better person. While this is a rant there are women that indeed learned and now are capable of having a solid relationship and respect men because they suffered a ton.

Overall these women just seem to care about their own health, while ignoring others but often dont have the logic or intelligence to figure it out so they seek out for men that help them which they dont even respect. I think its a total disaster and i never seen it more clear than now. All these women also talk about wanna leaving their husbands so its clear they are just money bags for them. And i think the men think these women love them for their husbands taking care of them which is a normal male thing to do.