So the other day I made a comment on a girl's instagram. I work with her btw. The thing is, I don't take social media seriously, so I usually troll and leave funny or weird comments on people's pictures. Well after one comment, I get a text from my ukrainian friend asking if I like her. I asked, "why would she think that I like her?" It turns out that she understood the comment as flirting. It was something along the lines of, "The only thing beautiful in this pic is the lighting". So I guess it was sort of a mean comment.

Now I'm just confused and very annoyed. I've been MGTOW for some time, and I've really just been working hard and focusing on myself. I don't know why she would assume that I like her, and I don't know why she would like me. At most I'm a 4. She did get out of a relationship pretty recently, so I guess she's on the prowl again. Is the best thing to do in this situation to just ignore her? Or should I find a way to deny her?