TL/DR: I was with a girl for almost 3 years, nearly proposed to her before she broke it off. Now I'm living my best life and she's miserable.

So to start, I'm just your average 22 year old guy, but I was raised purely by women, and have had the idea of marriage planted into my head at a young age.

Going back to 3 years ago, I met this girl, who I had known of back in middle school. Things hit off as soon as started talking, and by the end of the first month, we were officially a couple. Fast forward a year, and everything is going smoothly, until I noticed she was distancing herself emotionally. So me being the blue-pulled cuck that I was, I decided to try and fix things, and see what I could do to try and figure things out. After another year with her, I randomly decide to pick her phone up, and see she has a new guy "best friend" (at least that's the way she put it.) I confront her on it, and we get into a gigantic argument about trust, and privacy that spans for 6 months.

Now into mid summer of this year, I found MGTOW while randomly stumbling through Reddit, and my interest was piqued. I decide to read through it and think to myself, that these poor guys had it rough, but I'd be different if I could get things to workout. So I try my best for another few months leading up to October, and I thought to myself that proposing to her would be a surefire way of getting everything back.

Now, its mid October and I decide that I'll buy the ring this month and propose to her during Christmas. However, tensions were still high between us, so me trying again to appease her, I ask her on a romantic date night. She in turn declined and says shes going over to her guy bestfriend's house, so he could spend time with his family. I reasonably, blew up on her, and she responded with, "I think it's best if we broke things off now, before things get ugly between us." It shattered me, and I honestly thought of ending my life, but I was scrolling through reddit again, and found hope again through MGTOW. It saved me, and on that day, I officially became awakened.

Finally, its today, and I see my ex's snap through a friends account, and see that's she's having a rough time without me in her life, providing her with resources. Where as I am living the best I ever have been. I recently bought me a new car, moved out on my own, and got an amazing job. To top it off, I have a good amount of women hitting on me, and trying to get in my pants, where as it was the other way around before hand. I can proudly say, I will never have a serious relationship again, because I see how successful my life is without a woman dragging on me, and how miserable I was, when she had me chained up.

P.S. I forgot to mention, that I was buying all of her lunches and dinners, paying for gas, helped her buy her a car, giving her gifts left and right, and forced to give her attention 24/7. I didnt feel like re-editing that into my post, because I'm at work currently.

P.P.S This is my first post ever on reddit, and on this subreddit and I hope that this may inspire someone my age or older, to think long and hard about MGTOW, because it truly changed me for the better.