Happy Friday Brothers,

Wanted to share a quick story about the importance of frame, lifting and reputation.

Last week, I was at a friend's cookout consisting primarily of my old apartment neighbors (who have since moved to the house this party was hosted at) and some of their friends. One interaction in particular stood out to me:

The topic comes to dating and why lifting and physical fitness is integral to a happy health individual. Great. So part-time sandwich shop employee girl says DYEL?

Everyone stops at laughs at her, because everyone know how foolish of a question it is. While I am not massive, I've gained 40+ lbs in two years and my old neighbors know I leave the apartment at 5am to exercise consistently. So I DEL. She sulks away and ignores me for the rest of the afternoon.

Lesson: The people who criticize you are people who's opinions are not valuable or important anyways. MGOTW, your fearlessness scares other people and they will seek to tear you down with underhanded comments. They are weak and lethargic while you are ambitious, caring and thrill seeking.

Intestinal fortitude, my brothers. 3-5x a week for two years I would CRAWL towards progress, and it culminated in buying a new pair of jeans (32 waist up to 33). Your goals are YOUR GOALS and no one is losing sleep over whether or not you are living a fulfilled life because fulfillment is YOUR responsibility to YOU. Not your parents, siblings, your bros, your hoes, anyone. I feel no remorse for any consenting adult not living the life they love (I only make concessions for the infirm and extraordinary cases). Make today the change. Day one or one day. Working out or out working.

...Excuses 365. I've heard them all.

Have a great weekend, all. Take care and enjoy this somber time of reflection.

Best, Excuses365