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How my fully vetted, carefully screened, law student/unicorn girlfriend was secretly a prostitute and how a watch saved my life.

February 1, 2019

TLDR; Read the title again.

First let me say I think it's extremely important we men share our horror stories, pics, memes and keep talking here on MTGOW about how awful women are, whether seriously or with funny stuff. We have new members daily, younger members with questions and advice concerns and I think hmwe need to keep the fires and the anger stoked... keep fresh in our minds how women, their stupidity, selfishness, and hate can ruin men's lives.

Too often we can be red pill but forget how monstrous women can truly be, or we harbor a little space hoping we can find just one that can make us happy, if we could just find her. But let's keep. reminding other members, it doesn't exist, it never did and it never will....

Here is my story as more proof.

The Setup I was a red pill reader and follower on various forums, but not yet fully MGTOW. I knew red flags to watch for, not giving in to a woman's silly childish needs, and staying alpha and strong. At this point in my life I was more or less subscribing to the PUA community and mind set; playing on women's weaknesses to get laid and have fun. Then entered Lisa...my first, only, and last "unicorn".

I met Lisa on the Bumble dating app. She was a law student, pretty, and into motorcycle riding, crossfit, video games... every single hobby I loved. She was basically a dude mindset in a hot girl with a nice rack. She didn't exhibit all the bullshit needy things most women did, she seemed strong, independent, self sufficient and intelligent. We went on a few dates and she never showed any signs or warnings that I had read about or experienced in my past, things were as good as you could ever dream of and we really cared for each other. As time went on, our feelings grew.

We dated for about a year, and she never brought up love or needing more than what we had. Things were just good and she let them be what they were; she never wanted money, would often split the date costs or sometimes treat me, and was damn near everything a guy would describe as perfect.

Her lease on her apartment ran out and we mutually discussed her moving it with me. We had been together for about a year so far. To me, it felt like living with a guy best friend except I had access to the hot pussy and half my rent covered. I knew I had strong feelings at this point, and she said the same, but I'm a smart red pill, I never showed it, didn't white knight or have any blue pill habits. I figured she could move in, I'd save half on rent/utilities, I'd be living with my best friend and sexy times were still going great... so I said "fuck it" and she moved in with me.

Over the course of the next few months, things were amazing. We went to the gym together, cooked dinner, hiked, rode motorcycles, and just enjoyed life as best friends that fucked and slept in the same bed...again everything you could want from a woman. There were no new red flags or warning signs and the sex didn't taper off, she wasn't a party girl, always wanted to hang out with me and our mutual friends, and let me do as I pleased without nagging... nothing gave me any warning for what was to come. We were even sharing I love you's at this point but not too mushy, just a few here and there.

The Escalation She had a conference in NYC for school and was going to be gone for a week. She was from NYC so she mentioned she would be tacking on a couple days to her trip to see her mom. No problem, off she went and I'd see her in a week. She messaged and we talked like normal and she said she missed me and couldn't wait to get home and wanted to maybe take our relationship to the next level as being apart made her realize how important I was to her. Not sure what next level was, but I was happy to hear it from her, it validated the feeling we had was mutual.

After her return, things were still great, we were happy, and life was looking up. Many in the PUA community say that if you are careful, maintain a strong frame and make it clear you're the man and are controlling the direction of your relationship, you can still find a girl you can marry or be happy with. My mind started imagining this girl could maybe make me believe in love again. I started to consider proposing.

The Mountain Garmin watches make a model called the Fenix 3. It's an activity watch my girlfriend owned and had purchased one for me for Christmas. One feature it has, is connecting to your phone and notifies and displays incoming texts. She and I would often message words of encouragement to each other when we were doing marathons and the other wasn't able to participate.

One evening about a week after her latest visit to NYC, her watch starts buzzing like crazy next to me in the living room while she was upstairs. This can happen when the watch goes in and out of the phone Bluetooth range so I grabbed her watch to turn off BT since it was driving me nuts. that's when I saw the latest text message she had received on the screen, she had forgotten turn off her texts to the watch...

"I can't wait to fuck you again too!" wait... what? I thought.

that fucking word was a nail in my eye... ... "again"

Gents, let me tell you, I've heard the expression "my world was spinning", but son, a fucking mountain just... leveled... my... ass.

I had to sit back down my head was swimming so hard. I was smart enough to grab my phone from my pocket and snap a pic of the watch face for proof so I couldn't get gaslit later, but everything after that was like I was in a dream, I was in shock so deep. I recovered in a few minutes so I may have missed some back and forth texts, more convo followed about when she was out of town, but no specifics. (Later I found out this was an ex of hers who was married now but they wanted to re-live some old fun in a hotel she got for them while in NYC. Bitch even paid for the room to get some ex-dick.)

It was late. She came down to kiss me goodnight to which I had enough sense to play it cool, and I said I wasn't too tired so would stay up, watching TV downstairs. She went to bed and I just sat quietly crying and raging for the next 2 hours, so angry and frustrated at myself for getting fooled and thinking she was different, even with all the teachings of the red pill community. All my reading and research... feeling I was smart and superior enough to not let this happen to me...all for nothing. I got played.

I was heartbroken. I lost my best friend, my love, my roommate and someone I wanted to spend so much of my time with... someone with whom we had every passion, hobby and goal exactly the same in life. Fucking gone in 1 text. Later that moment hurt me so much because I also new... finally knew... from then on, I could never love or trust any woman ever again.

I felt alone, stupid and worthless.

After she was asleep, I snapped in to action. Again, knowing women light to gaslight, I went to grab her iPad.

See, women may say they are crafty and smart, but men are smarter when we aren't being lied to or being too trusting. I remembered she had an iPad she had let me use, and since she had an iPhone, I knew her messages from her phone would sync with her iPad if from another iPhone. I dug around in the office and found it, but it was pass code locked. 6 digits. surely she couldn't be stupid enough to use her day, month last 2 digits of her birthday could she?

Yup. Dumb bitch.

I started reading all her texts she'd sent over the time we dated and saw not only 3 other dudes she was/had talked to, 2 of which she fucked in the last few months, but an odd message from a guy saying how glad they had met on S.A., and where they could make arrangements to meet for coffee, to discuss allowance. I knew she had an uncle that helped her with money for insurance since she was a borrowing college student so maybe this was him. I was grasping for straws.

Not knowing what SA exactly was, I Googled "S. A." and the sugar daddy website Seeking Arrangement" popped up. Still confused but now forming an idea of what was up, I created a quick fake profile and did a search for her age within 1 mile of our zip code.


Checked within a mile of her parents zip code in NYC where she visits and stays when there. Bingo. My girlfriend was a sugar baby, photo and all, and apparently was making arrangements while away from home to score some quick cash. Lads, I actually started laughing and crying at the same time I was so blown away from the craziness I was discovering. Talk about her being completely opposite from everything I knew about her. It was complete Jekyll and Hyde shit here. I can honestly say I have never been so blown away about what I thought she was and who she really was.

On day 3 I handed her the binder with the screen captures I printed at Staples, told her I was going to stay with a friend and to have her shit gone by the weekend or I'd send copies to everyone she knew. She was gone quickly and quietly.

Never heard a whisper from her again thank God... but the damage was done, I was wrecked. The depression took months and months to recover from, the experience I never will. In hindsite this is good because when you get burned and fooled this well, you don't believe any woman, ever again.

So guys, I consider myself very intelligent and knowledgeable in red pill theory, being smart about dating, women and not getting hurt, yet I got leveled. What scares me to death is, had I not seen that single text on her watch, I'd still be with her and perhaps married or even further tied financially with her. This was a woman I could have thrown my life away on... a fucking whore for fuck sakes. Without that one slip up by her, I'd have never known, and it's thanks to her watch and 1 text that saved my life.

MGTOW gents. MGTOW and AWALT, and never forget it.

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